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It is our wish as the members of the HOUDini project that HOUDini benefit you immensely. We want to encourage the development of PHP applications by taking some of the scariness out of php.ini. Some users have been so grateful for this, they have offered us money for our efforts. But the thing is...

We are not accepting monetary donations now, nor will we ever.

We're not being rude. In fact, we're doing this for a reason. By not accepting money, we don't have to open a bank account to hold the money, we don't have to figure out a way to divide it evenly, and we don't have to worry about highwaymen taking it from us on a lonely, dusty road.

We may not be accepting donations of money, but we certainly are still accepting donations of time. If you see some feature of HOUDini that you think needs improvement, then load up the source code and see if you can fix it! If you mess up, you can always download another copy. If you're not the bug-fixing type, be sure to let us know about any problems you encounter. Bug reports help to improve HOUDini for everyone!

Thanks again to all of the users who would have given money. We really appreciate the thought, it's just that we don't believe in taking money for software. We hope that one day all software will be free, even Microsoft software. Hey, we can dream too, can't we?

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