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The great thing about HOUDini is that it belongs to its users. This means that the users have full access to the source code, and can make changes to their copy at any time. In essence, every user of HOUDini is a developer of HOUDini. But it is possible to join the HOUDini project.

By joining the HOUDini project, you will become a full-scale developer of HOUDini. You will be given your own copy of the source code, privileged accounts on the HOUDini wiki and forum, and your picture will be put on the website!

While no one is prevented from joining the HOUDini project, membership is intended for high-school students only (and occasionally college students on a case-by-case basis). Members must also have the following credentials:

If you think you meet or exceed these requirements, e-mail a professional resume as an attachment to

We hope to see you around!

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